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It is disheartening to know that at this day and age discrimination still happens. Not based on race but on gender. Asking women to pay more for insurance premiums than men with the same coverage and age bracket is a form of discrimination.

The difference in the premium is not just 10% or 20%. It’s a whooping 40% on the average. It depends on what state you live and which insurance company you are insured with.

According to some insurance companies the difference basically lies on the fact that women care more about their healthcare than men. Because of this, women tend to visit their doctors more often. It doesn’t matter that by doing so it prevents hospitalization.

There’s also the issue of men falling ill and dying, whereas women tend to recover from chronic illnesses thus requiring continues treatment or healthcare.

Additional factors to consider are the pre-natal need and maternity benefits. Looking closely, women’s health insurance premiums are at its highest during childbearing years.  Some insurance companies do not even include maternity benefits in their regular policies. Married women oftentimes acquire additional insurance policy for their maternity needs.

It is also sad to know that insurers even charge less premium on men who smoke than women who do not smoke. It seems like women are losing a battle on healthcare issues. No matter how healthy a woman is; she still needs to shoulder higher cost for being and keeping healthy.

In a recent interview with Karen M. Ignani, President of America’s Health Insurance Plans, she said that they would close the gap of coverage costs for women. This is after President Obama’s administration proposed the universal health-care plan that would make them (insurance companies) compete with the government for clients.

Of course, there would be pros and cons on each side. But come to think of it, insurance companies are only doing this so that they will not lose clients over to the government. It only shows that without this threat of universal health-care plan, they will not even look into the discrepancies on the premiums being paid by women.


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