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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides a comprehensive Health Plan to all enrolled Veterans. This plan includes outpatient and inpatient health care through the veterans health care system. Being a part of the Veteran’s health care system assures you that you will be accommodated in any of the Veterans health care system across the country.

VA operates on enrollment system. Every year they hold an enrollment period for eligible veterans to enroll. This system is being carried out to ensure that proper care is given to eligible veterans. There are quite a number of factors that determine the veteran’s eligibility for the health care program. Some of these factors include: the nature of the veteran’s discharge (honorable, dishonorable, others…) Once enrolled in the VA health care system you will remain enrolled in the years to come.

Being eligible also qualifies you to receive at home medical assistance, as well as the nearest VA facility in the event you are traveling. Also, you can get assistance with prescription medication.

The eligibility (for VA health care system) applies to all active military service in the Army, Navy, Marines Air Force or Coast Guard (or Merchant Marines in WWII), and discharged under other than dishonorable conditions. The VA health care system is also available for those who serve under the government other than those specified above. Different health care packages are available depending on your condition.

There are two steps in determining eligibility for health care through VA. First, VA will determine your eligibility as a veteran by the character or nature of discharge from active service and length of active military service.

Secondly, the VA will determine if you qualify on one of the eight enrollment priority groups (

The standard medical benefits and packages for enrolled veterans include: Preventive Health Care Services, Ambulatory (outpatient) Diagnostic and Treatment Services, Hospital (Inpatient) Diagnostic and Treatment Services, Medications and Supplies.

The Preventive Health Care services include immunizations, physical examinations, health care assessments, screening tests and health education programs.

Ambulatory (outpatient) Diagnostic and Treatment Services applies to emergency outpatient care in VA facilities, medical, surgical (including reconstructive/plastic surgery as result of disease or trauma), chiropratic care, mental health, bereavement counseling and substance abuse.

Under the Hospital (Inpatient) Diagnostic and Treatment, the services are: emergency inpatient care in VA facilities, medical, surgical (including reconstructive/plastic surgery as a result of disease or trauma), mental health and substance abuse.

Medication and Supplies refers to prescription medicines, over-the-counter medications and medical and surgical supplies.

Women veterans are also eligible to enroll on the VA health care program. They will receive the same comprehensive packages the male veterans are entitled to. Also, they will receive primary care services such as Family Planning and Birth Control, GYN and Maternity Care, Infertility Evaluation and Treatment, Midlife and Menopause Issues, Cancer Screenings, Wellness and Healthy Living and Mammograms.

Mental Health Services are also included. Under this the following are the considerations: Management of Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Counseling and Medications, Family and Parenting Issues, Adjustment and Deployment Dependence, Treatment for Alcohol and Drug and Military Sexual Trauma Counseling.

More information on health programs and benefits are readily available at the nearest VA facility or office in your area.


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