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They say that a smile is the shortest distance between two people, a universal language that even babies understand. But why is it that many of us don’t seem to take proper care of that which makes our smiles even more presentable? In an age where beautification is at the realm of it’s glory, a powerful tool in which many of us work hard to achieve (and even spend countless treasures to acquire), it is quite daunting that many of us still are not aware of how to get proper oral care.

But before settling for a costly dental insurance, we should know that there are options you can take advantage of that will not only save you money, but can actually provide you and your family the quality dental health plans they could smile about.

There are many types of dental plans but most if not all of them would fall under two categories:

1) Traditional dental insurance plans/Indemnity dental insurance plans and

2) Managed care insurance plans

Traditional dental insurance plans/Indemnity insurance plans

This type of dental insurance plan which is often favored by patients who want more choices provides payment for dental treatment received by the covered individual on a traditional fee-for-service basis. For some dental procedures (such as preventive dental care) the payment made by the insurance company might be in full. Wherein your insurance provider will pay for up to 100% of “usual” costs associated with dental care.

For other types of dental services, it is common that these types of plans will cover between 50 and 80 percent of the cost of treatment.

In some cases, the entire rate of the dental treatment for the patient will not be covered by the insurance company. The patient will have to make up the difference. The amount of coverage to be provided by the insurance company can be trimmed down or restricted by the dental plan’s deductible or maximum dollar benefit. Indemnity dental insurance plans usually employ an “open panel” of dentists. With this format you will be able to select a dental professional of your choice. You may have more paperwork to complete with these plans. Additionally, with these types of insurance plans you will have to pay for dental care yourself and then file claims forms to your dental insurance provider. Your provider will then reimburse you a portion or the entire cost of your dental care, depending on your agreement. On the other hand, you may only have to pay a deductible in some instances.

Managed care dental insurance plans

Managed care plans have very low costs. This is why many patients prefer this over the lot. Although with these dental insurance programs you need to select your insurance provider out of a list of providers, you will not have to pay your dental fees up front from your pocket. The insurance company will pay for the charges and then you will get special discounts from your dentist as part of the insurance coverage. In general, there are a few popular types of dental managed care plans:

  1. Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Insurance Plans
    This insurance plan utilizes a group of dentists who are affiliated with the network. Dentists within the network give discounts to patients who are part of the same insurance company. You can see dentists outside the accredited network, but it will often cost you a lot more.
  2. Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) Insurance Plans
    This is another dental insurance plan that also has a group of accredited dentists who are part of a network. Generally, you are required to use dentists within the network if you rely on family dental DHMO or individual dental DHMO plans and will get no dental coverage at all if you do not.
  3. Dental Point of Service (POS) Insurance Plans
    This type of dental insurance is the most flexible of the three. It offers you the choice of going to a dentist who is part of the network or the alternative of seeing another dentist who is not part of a network at all. Patients will usually have to pay more for utilize dentists from outside of a network.

Now that you know the options available to you, choose the best one that would fit your budget and then you can be sure you’ll be smiling away in no time.



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