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As an avid traveler, the concept of travel insurance is nothing new to me. In fact, I always make sure that I get or purchase travel insurance whenever I go on a trip. Admittedly, I only get the most common and sometimes cheapest type of travel insurance. The important thing is that I am covered.

So what is travel insurance, anyway? Travel Insurance as the phrase implies, is purchased to cover travel-related risks. It can cover you even before you go on your actual trip. Before the actual trip, your travel insurance may cover you when you need to make last minute cancellation due to sickness or severe weather conditions. This way, you can have your ticket either refunded or rebooked.

During your trip, your travel insurance covers you from emergency care such as accident; delays on your travel or missed connections. It also compensates you from lost or damaged baggage.

Travel Insurance can be purchased for international or domestic trips and can cover you whether it’s just an overnight trip or whole year round.

There are different types of travel insurance that can be purchased and are suitable for your travel needs.

Vacation/General Travel Insurance: best to have a comprehensive coverage including cancellation (last minute or otherwise), medical emergencies (if you get sick prior to your trip), delayed flight, missed flight connection and baggage coverage (lost, damaged or delayed) among other things. Insurance companies allot a specific amount of money per coverage.

Family Travel Insurance: just like the vacation travel insurance, this one should also be comprehensive in nature covering all bases. Also take note that the larger your family is the more you need to have travel insurance for unexpected incidents.

Business Travel Insurance: if you’re traveling for business purposes then it is safe to assume that time is not a luxury you can afford. As most business travels go, there is always a sense of urgency. Although having travel insurance cannot bring back missed appointments or meetings, it is good to know that you can be compensated for it. Make sure that all your business-related paraphernalia such as laptop, mobile phones or PDA are included in your coverage.

Cruise Travel Insurance: cruise trips are deemed to be more expensive and often non-refundable. Because of this non-refundable ticket, you have to have an insurance coverage that will guarantee getting your money back just in case you need to cancel your trip. Being on the sea for a long period of time, medical and evacuation coverage is highly important.

Student Travel Insurance: it is not uncommon nowadays that students get to travel for education or school purposes. And it is good to know that there’s a specific type of travel insurance for such as this. A student Travel policy normally includes medical expenses (emergencies) and evacuation, accidental death, personal liability, loss of luggage or belongings, trip cancellation or delay, loss of tickets or travel documents and even terrorists attacks.

There’s also a Travel Medical Insurance or Plans. Under this policy, the traveler is normally leaving his or her home country for a few days up to a year. This will provide emergency care and assistance while they are away from home.

It is important to have travel insurance whenever you are going on a trip. Being a budget traveler is no excuse to forgo getting travel insurance. There are basic travel insurance packages that will suit your need.

It is also imperative that you understand what type of coverage you are getting. Read the policy beforehand so that you can be sure that what you are getting is what you actually need. At the same time, read the exclusions on the policy so you will have an idea what is not covered. Remember that exclusions are situations that the policy does not cover and in the event it happens, you will have to shoulder the payment for it.

And most of all get your travel insurance from reputable insurance companies.


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