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All your bags are packed and ready to go—camera – check, cell phone – check, swim suit – check, tickets – check, travel insurance?—hmm.

We all know going away on vacations or even just leisurely trips should be the least stressful activities, especially after spending so many days cooped up working. For most of us, going on these kinds of trips is something we really look forward to and spend countless hours waiting and preparing for. But sometimes things just don’t go as well as we plan them. And one of the saddest things we could face is knowing we could have done something to prepare us for the unlikely event of a great traveling experience gone wrong.

Sometimes, getting the proper travel insurance is that thin line between a great travel adventure and a very stressful one. But before you go signing and paying away the first available policy handed to you, here are some travel insurance mistakes you should be aware of and avoid:

Getting insurance last minute

A lot of people make this mistake each year, thinking travel insurance is something we can all do without and put it on the very bottom of their list. Getting last minute insurance often lead to getting the worst one you could get. Avoid buying insurance from the airport. Always make sure you shop for the best insurance out there and do it early to get the best one with the lowest price.

Not reading the small print

One of the most frustrating things that could happen during your trip is not having the sufficient coverage when you find yourself needing it. Always make sure that you have read and understood every single detail of what you are purchasing. Find out what you are covered for specifically and those that you are not, so that you will know what to avoid during your travels. Check all the terms and conditions as well as documentations, even typographical errors may cost you a lot headaches as well as a lot of money, so be very careful.

Being negligent, getting drunk or using illegal drugs

For most people, escapism is a very big part of traveling. It’s a time wherein they tend to let go often being caught up in the moment and trying everything they possibly can to enjoy the experience. But what we all have to remember is that too much of everything is never good. Always remember that even your insurance has restrictions and so do you. Simple things like taking part in extreme sports or leaving your luggage behind are some examples of negligence and most often would mean that you will not get coverage of.  Taking or using illegal drugs also is another example that may invalidate your insurance altogether. Although some drugs are legal at some countries or certain states, which you might have to check, in other countries, particular drugs may be decriminalized rather than legal which means you might not be arrested, but you could invalidate your policy altogether.

Going across borders or extending your trip without notifying your insurer

A lot of people make this mistake thinking that it as long as you have coverage you can do what you want –where you want and when you want it. Always check first with your insurance before going to places you didn’t originally intend to go (often times at places that are out of your insurance coverage), or staying not even a single day past the dates your insurance policy is active. Remember never let yourself go uninsured at all times.


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