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SR22 is a certificate used by certain individuals who have had suspended driver’s license to have it reinstated again. This certificate also assures the state that the individual has insurance liability coverage.

Who Needs SR22 Coverage

SR22 Coverage is for those individuals who are considered by the court or state as high-risk drivers. These drivers are categorized as having high-risk accidents before such as DUI, multiple moving violations (speeding tickets, reckless driving) and sometimes having been in an accident without any insurance coverage.

How to get SR22

SR22 certificates can be purchased through car insurance providers. It is typical for the insurance provider to charge, at the most, 4 times the regular insurance coverage given the nature of the certificate. Because this is such a high-risk policy, not all insurance companies can provide SR22 certificates.


The Court or Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) will notify the high-risk driver to purchase SR22 coverage in order to be allowed to drive again. This certificate will assure or guarantee the court or DMV that the individual has met the minimums of liability coverage allowed by the law. If the policy is suspended for any reason (lapse of payment or expiration), the insurance provider will automatically inform DMV and DMV will immediately suspend the driver’s license and sometimes penalize the driver.

Having shown lack of responsibility in the past by the individual covered by SR22 insurance policy, this certificate is designed to make sure that the individual will not operate a motor vehicle without insurance.


Just like the regular car insurance policy, SR22 insurance policy differs or varies by state. The SR22 coverage normally includes: bodily injury basic liability and damage to property. Bodily injury costs about $15,000; basic liability is about $30,000 and damage to property normally costs $10,000. The requirement is also for the driver to be insured for at least three years at a time.


SR22 insurance policy insures the other driver in the accident according to the limit set. This policy is very much different from the usual comprehensive insurance. Damage to the policyholder’s vehicle is not covered by the policy.


Requirements and rate of premium for SR22 coverage differs per individual’s driving experience and the state he or she is living. Credit report also determines the premium that the individual needs to pay.

It doesn’t mean that just because you are a high-risk driver in need to have SR22 coverage doesn’t mean you can’t look around and scout for better insurance providers. Remember to deal with reputable people and companies only.


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