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For recreational and professional skydivers, there are three main kinds of skydiver insurance policies. These are called the mandatory third party policy, the personal accident skydiver insurance policy and the travel insurance policy with skydiver cover. Although all of them protect the skydiver from liabilities or paying skydivers in cases of accidents and injuries, many consider personal accident skydiver insurance and travel insurance with skydiver coverage as real skydiver insurance since they are geared to protect skydivers more.

Personal accident skydiver insurance policies are created to financially compensate a skydiver if they get injured, or die, while they were skydiving. They require skydivers to indicate when they are going to make their jump. Like any insurance policy, skydiver insurance terms change as the insurers try to manage their own risks. A skydiver is advised to read the policy and make sure that it’s suitable for their needs.

After their passport and tickets, travel insurance is possibly the next significant item to coordinate before skydiving out of the country. What could be only an only a small bother back home might be a financial catastrophe. In some countries medical costs associated with skydiving injuries will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Attach to this the hospital stay and this could easily turn to hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills. Without skydiver insurance, one may deal with a life-long financial problem.

They also cover the loss of goods if the luggage or parachute gear are lost or stolen, and the trouble of having to undergo financial adversity to replace everything. Some skydiver insurance does not include the parachuting equipment in their policies while it is in use.

This is why clever travelers never leave home without an excellent travel insurance policy. Intelligent skydivers never travel abroad to jump without travel insurance that covers them while jumping.


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