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A few years ago, we would never have thought that our mobile phones could be our computers on-the-go.  A few years ago, we would never have imagined the possibility of having artificial intelligence replace humans.  So how farfetched could the idea of sharing the road with the blind be, no less, and having them eligible for insurance as well?

The National Institute of the Blind and Virginia Tech are planning to unveil their first prototype of a vehicle that would allow blind people to drive.  A Ford Escape was chosen to be equipped with laser sensors, vibrating gloves, and various transmitters, which help communicate the surroundings to the driver.  This vehicle is designed for the blind to really be able to drive on their own.

Currently, car insurance companies do not offer coverage for the visually impaired.  Since this is a future possibility, some companies say that it is something that they will look into once blind people have started to acquire driver’s licenses.

Perhaps the bigger question is what kind of technology will be introduced in order for the visually impaired to be able to conquer the road with as much confidence?  Some say that the technology for autopilot will soon be the norm; all one has to do is to punch the coordinates and the car will take them to where they want to be.  Some even go as far as speculating that this autopilot technology will allow for safer roads.   Your car will now be able to determine what route to take should there be traffic jams or other obstructions on the road.  It may even go as far as cutting down accidents on the road.

One thing is probably clear, and that is the fact that we have to adapt to technology as fast as it changes.  Maybe this time around, insurance companies have really not grasped the possibility of this happening yet, but sooner or later- they would have to face the music.



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