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Cancer doesn’t only take a serious toll on your emotions and your loved ones’. Your finances can take a direct hit too and add to the stress that’s already weighing you down. Even if you have health insurance, it may not be enough to absorb all the health care costs that you will be and are facing.

Worst case scenario, you may be one of the thousands of American cancer patients who are unable to obtain health insurance. It may be that you cannot afford it. Or you may be confronted with the sad reality that insurance companies refuse to cover cancer patients due to pre-existing health conditions. Yes, it may seem unethical and think that you have as much right as anyone to qualify for insurance since you are in a time and place in your life when you really need it.

Yet federal laws have no authority to mandate insurance companies to provide health insurance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 supports working employees, but the provisions are inadequate compared to the mounting medical expenses dealt with by cancer patients without the assistance of group health insurance.

The light in this very dark tunnel can come in the form of health insurance risk pools. The National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans ( has a list of all the states that have health insurance risk pools. If in case your state isn’t listed, you may want to contact your state’s department of insurance to find out what programs are existing in your state.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is another option available to you. It is one of the very few insurance policies that are made available to everyone who wants or needs it. You will not be required to undergo medical examinations and will not be declined for health reasons.

Still there are those who find it appropriate to prey on the unfortunate, using their desperate circumstances to attract the thousands who have been refused by health insurance providers, one after the other. These scheming companies make it seem like they are throwing you a lifeline. Since you have been unable to meet the criteria of countless others, you would feel lucky to have finally found one company that will support you, only to find out later that they provide very little in the way of financial aid for when you need it the most. Beware of such companies. Always check with your state’s insurance department and local Better Business Bureau for information on these companies before deciding to sign on with them.

Finally, you can visit the American Cancer Society website ( ) for more information regarding cancer, treatment topics and further resources.


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