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Unemployed and self-employed people commonly get individual health insurance plans. Before one can avail of a private or individual health insurance plan, a series of exams, surveys and an interview should be completed. The exams help insurers assess the current state of health of the person. The insurers also learn about the person’s medical history and financial capacity through the surveys and interview. They then determine the person’s eligibility with the results of the tests. Below are the pros and cons of getting an individual health insurance.

Individual health insurance plans are not only for one person, which is a common misconception. It may also cover one’s immediate family.


  • The insurance plans may be tailor-made to fit the client. The client can choose the benefits included in the plans, such as childbirth and well-baby, consultation fees, accidents, critical illnesses and others. Clients can choose benefits that they think they would most likely need in the future.
  • Individual health insurance is the cheapest insurance plan that one who is relatively healthy can avail of. If the client has not had any major condition, he or she will find it easy to acquire a cheap insurance plan with efficient coverage.
  • Individual health insurance is much cheaper than group health insurance for a family who is looking for insurance coverage.
  • Quotes for individual health insurance plans are easy to get as long as you know your medical history.
  • Individual insurance plans have low rates because insurers accept only healthy people.


  • Insurance companies have the right to deny a person’s application based on his or her medical history or state and physical condition. Because of this, it is difficult for someone who already has had major medical condition to apply for an individual health insurance plan.
  • High risk clients, such as those with hazardous occupations or have already experienced previous medical conditions, have a slimmer chance of getting individual health insurance because they are more likely to get diseases or get into accidents.
  • High risk clients may be able to find insurance plans that could cover them but they would most likely be expensive.

To sum it all up, individual health insurance plans are mostly beneficial for healthy individuals. They would not have a hard time applying for one and they would most likely get one for a good price. Those who are classified as high risk clients, on the other hand, might not be accepted by insurance companies. They would have to look for insurers who would accept them but the insurance may be of a higher price.


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