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Third Party, Fire and Theft (also known as Non-Comprehensive Insurance) is a minimum insurance cover for your vehicle which is required by the Road Traffic Act 1988. This Act states that a car user must be insured by a member of the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). With the addition of protection for you against damage to your vehicle by fire or from having your vehicle stolen, This policy,  offers the same protection against damage to other people’s vehicles and property and injury to other people as your Third Party insurance would but

The vehicle user must be insured against third person liability including injury, cost of treating injuries and even death. This prerequisite is covered by what is known as third party car insurance. These policies represent the minimum cover required by this act.

Third party insurance is significantly cheaper than comprehensive insurance. Nevertheless, it is important to understand exactly what third party insurance represents. You may very well be saying that you place no value on your car or your life if you take out only third party insurance. Third party insurance does not cover any damage to your car or yourself. It is only there to protect other people and their property. Although some third party insurance may cover the cost of legal fees, it will only cover your liability to other people. Furthermore, some third party only policies may cover you to drive other cars on a third party basis. On the other hand, always check your policy or with your insurer because this is by no means across the board.

The next step is third party, fire and theft cover. As the name simply state, this is third party cover with the addition of cover in the event of fire or theft. According to the value of the car, the policy will provide compensation or cover the cost of repairs in the event of a stolen car being recovered (if still repairable) or in case of a fire. Once more, you are not protecting your car or yourself against accidents that are your fault.

As with Third Party insurance you cannot declare against your insurance if you hit another driver and as such it is only they who can approach your insurance company with a view to making a claim.

If your car has been stolen or damaged as the result of a fire, you can only make a claim yourself.

You should always know that Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance is not the idyllic insurance to have if you own a high value car. When purchasing a new car, so it is important to take all your documentation with you because most new cars will come with a year’s fully comprehensive insurance as standard.

Remember, it is always a good idea to look at the many different insurance policies and find out what is best out there in the market for you before finally proceeding with the getting one.


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