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It has been a question for quite some time now: if an individual has a pacemaker, will he or she be able to get health insurance coverage? It seems that health insurance providers have different takes on this one and it’s not an easy yes or no in the sense that there are parameters or factors to consider.

Generally, it is possible to get health insurance coverage with your pacemaker. It will, though, depend on your age, medical condition or status, income or employer and where you live.

If you are 65 years old and above, Medicare comes into the picture and it is possible to acquire additional or supplemental policy for your pacemaker care.

Those who are 65 years old and below, the abovementioned factors are always taken into consideration. For those who are employed it is somehow easier to get coverage with your pacemaker. If your employer has a group policy in which insurance companies accept all employees regardless of health conditions, then you are fortunate. But if your employer does not offer health insurance it is very hard to get coverage with your pacemaker. The same is true with self-employed individuals.

Most health insurance providers do not include pre-existing conditions in their policies. Having a pacemaker falls under the pre-existing medical condition category.

It is really quite difficult to acquire health insurance coverage when you have a pacemaker. There’s a process to be followed, forms to be filled out and medical records/history to provide.

On top of that, you have to be willing to pay more for your coverage. Since it’s going to be extremely expensive, or if your income bracket cannot fully cover your insurance premium, you can always inquire about the state laws governing this particular aspect. Go to your state health department to find out about things such as this.

As always, before choosing a health insurance provider, make sure that it covers all your medical needs or requirements.


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