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The emergence of technological advances such as the Internet and cellular communication has impacted greatly the way people correspond. Everything and everyone is usually within reach of a cell phone or computer. This is advantageous to millions of people – friends and families who are kept apart by distance still get to keep in touch through email, social networking sites and instant messengers. In some cases, individuals even prefer to talk using these mediums rather than meet face to face. Information can be gathered with a few taps on your keyboard and a few clicks of your mouse. Mobile internet connections make it easier for you to do so even on the go.

How we conduct our purchases have also changed. The internet has made it possible for us to buy almost everything we need and want online. Clothes, books, games, groceries, fast food, and electronic devices – you name it. Life insurance policies are no exception.

Gone are the days when you have to spend hours perusing your telephone book, then having call up life insurance providers to schedule appointments with insurance agents. Nowadays, online life insurance quotes are readily accessible. You could find a wide range of quotes from companies and all you would need to do is visit websites by life insurance providers and enter some basic information.

The most common information you will need to provide are date of birth, age, weight and height, the type of coverage you require, coverage amount, and coverage term. You will also be asked if you smoke, and to determine your health class. A personalized quote will be generated for you after you give the required information.

By doing this, you will be able to compare life insurance quotes side by side and see how much certain types of life insurance plans will cost and how much the rates differ from one company to another. You may be looking for the cheapest rate, but be aware that it doesn’t necessarily always translate too much in terms of coverage. Look for the insurance provider that will be able to give you more coverage for less. Availing of life insurance quotes online will better enable you to make an informed decision for your family’s future.

The three commonly used types of life insurance are Term Life, Whole Life and Universal Life. Some life insurance companies may or may not require for you to undergo a medical exam. Read up on each of the types of life insurance and analyze how they will fit your family’s needs for the future. Before making a decision on one insurance provider, make sure that you do a quick check of your state’s department for insurance or local Better Business Bureau to find out how reputable they are. Are they honoring legitimate claims in a timely manner? Or are they doing all they can to avoid paying out to beneficiaries? Look at each company’s financial ratings to determine their stability.

Traditional life insurance providers balk at advising consumers to solely rely on the internet for life insurance quotes and then purchasing life insurance online. They feel that a more personal approach to handling such a delicate matter is more appropriate, especially when it comes to determining a person’s health class.

A life insurance agent stated this of her experience when email corresponding with a potential client who wasn’t willing to have an in-depth discussion about her personal information: “If she is perfect, why would she be reluctant to discuss her health with me?  This is the danger of generating quotes for yourself online.  If you don’t know the basics when you’re presented with rate options over the Internet– of course you’ll pick the lowest priced life insurance quote you see.  Most on-line quoting engines provide the means for you to drill in and get information on the available health classes, but unfortunately most people ignore the tools and expect the best rates… Generating your own life insurance rates online can provide a good guideline– but there’s no substitute for real life feedback from an experienced agent.”*

Keep in mind that misrepresenting yourself to a life insurance provider is a serious offense, and one that can lead to a termination of your policy should the deception be found out. So use caution and exercise honesty when getting online life insurance quotes and applying for life insurance online.




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