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Non-Standard Auto Insurance is a particular type of auto insurance that is usually given to drivers who may have had a number of claims, accidents or motor vehicle violations in the recent past. Aside from these, there are also those accidents and violation free drivers that still present a risk higher than average because of their professions or the type of vehicles they drive to which many companies find it inadequate to grant the usual standard insurance rates.

The factors of acquiring non-standard auto insurance are as follows:

Bad Driving Record

In many states a driver may be given this type of insurance due to past driving records. For example, a DUI in your record may automatically terminate an existing standard policy. In this case, the driver may only apply for non-standard auto insurance because he or she has been considered to be of “high risk”. Accumulation of numerous traffic violations and/or motor vehicle accidents may also be grounds for only being able to get into the non-standard market.

Previous Insurance or lack thereof

Some insurance companies also require a certain amount of driving experience or previous insurance coverage for a certain period of time. Thus, not having a previous insurance (usually for new drivers) or having a considerable lapse in existing coverage may also mean that you may fall short of qualifying for a standard policy.

Conversion of Policy

Some auto insurance may consider writing a non-standard client to a standard one if they see that you have met certain standards in that market. An example of this is going a certain amount of time without any violations or at-fault accidents.

Type of Vehicle

Most insurance companies also consider the type of vehicle a driver owns. An example of this is owning a custom built vehicle that may not meet the safety standards that a normal car would have. Another one is driving a high-powered performance sports car that cost a lot of money, in which case the company would be unwilling to insure you for standard rates.

Sometimes specialty insurers are able to offer a more competitive price. You not necessarily need to be a non-standard driver to obtain insurance from a non-standard insurance company. Some large and well known insurance companies have smaller nonstandard insurance companies and offer nonstandard policies through their agents.


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