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It is imperative to know that medical discount plans is not at all the same with health insurance plans. Health insurance plans protect the policyholder from almost all medical costs- services or treatments, doctor’s fees and prescriptions. But not everyone can afford health insurance plans especially in these hard times. Medical discount plans may be an option for you.

Medical discount plans provide consumers with reduced prices on medical services or procedures and doctor’s fees. Instead of paying for the full price for a procedure, you only need to pay the discounted rates. Companies that offer this kind of programs have already negotiated with health care facilities as well as physicians for discounted rates. You only need to pay a monthly fee to access their reduced rates. It is actually up to you if you decide to pay on a monthly or annual basis. Annual payments are normally cheaper than paying monthly. Some companies who offer medical discount plans are: Alliance HealthCard, Benicard and Procare Benefit card. Each one of these can offer you medical discount plans according to your preferences.

Medical discount plan holders should be aware that this plan does not cover costs for emergency room visits, surgical procedures or treatments and hospital bills. These plans do not cover your medical costs like health insurance does. Having medical discount plans is another way to help you pay for rather expensive health care services without having to shoulder the full cost on your own.

It is also advisable for people over 65 years old to gather information and do some research on how medical discount plans can help them.

Before visiting your physician or deciding on having a procedure done, make sure that your medical discount plan will be accepted. Verify with your provider if your doctor is part of the network or if the procedure can be accommodated. And always remember that you need to pay the discounted rate upfront.



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