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Isn’t it strange how some of the things that we do go hand in hand or most of the time the result of what we have done earlier? The same thing is true with life insurance and financial planning. The two are very much different but they go hand in hand.

Having a life insurance is normally an indication that you have sound or concrete financial planning as well. It shows that you are thinking of your family or loved ones should you die unexpectedly. Aside from that it also indicates that you have a good hand in managing your finances.

In general, financial planning is the process of organizing or sorting out your finances in the best way so that it can be beneficial for you and your family. It is also knowing how to handle your monetary obligations in the most appropriate manner possible. Financial planning also helps you realize what you can and cannot afford. Proper financial planning will help you determine what you can do with the money you earn and how you can make the most out of the money you save.

Life Insurance, on the other hand, is an insurance product that pays up after you die. Almost all life insurance policies benefit the spouse, children and other immediate family that may have been included in the beneficiary list. The money from the life insurance policy will help the surviving family in keeping the lifestyle that they have been accustomed to or can also pay up debts or mortgage. It can also serve as a college fund. The amount of your life insurance will depend on how much you can afford to pay for premiums and most importantly how much you think your beneficiaries would need. Keep in mind that your life insurance should cover your financial obligations. In short, life insurance is an important part of a family’s financial planning since it can spare family members from stress and hardship.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, these two are separate entities but definitely related or must be integrated in order for either one to be properly maintained and implemented. You can’t possibly keep a life insurance if your finances are always dwindling. The main objective of financial planning is to use monetary resources at hand the best way possible. Purchasing a life insurance would be considered a proper expenditure or to some, an investment.

I admit, financial planning is a complicated matter especially if we don’t have any idea of how to go about it properly. Financial planning should reflect our goals and what we deem important. Some people even consult a financial adviser just to help get their affairs in order. It is important to realize also that in insurance or financial planning, our main objective should be how we can protect our income and lifestyle.


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