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Who are considered to be high-risk drivers? Insurance companies use several factors in classifying whether a certain driver falls under the high-risk category.

Here are some of the factors that make an individual or driver a high-risk driver.

The most common factor that insurance companies look into is whether the driver has been charged with DWI (Driving while Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs).

Drivers who were convicted of hit and run, vehicular negligent injury also fall on this category. Those with traffic or moving violations such as over speeding and reckless driving are also considered to be high-risk drivers.

New drivers, especially those who are under 27 years old are also charged with higher insurance premium. Insurance companies think the new drivers are more prone to accidents and other moving violations. Men are also considered to be high-risk drivers than women and thus are charged more.

Some insurance companies even consider people or drivers living in the city or urban areas to be high-risk drivers than those living in the rural areas. This is simply because there is too much traffic in the city and therefore more traffic violations are likely to occur.

Drivers who have been involved in car accidents, whether they were at fault or not, also fall on this category. Having been in an accident suggests to the insurance companies that the driver is a reckless driver.

If the driver’s credit record is not of good standing or if he or she has a small credit record, this unfortunately will put him or her in the high-risk bracket.

If the driver or individual is guilty of these violations, insurance companies automatically charge higher on their insurance premium simply because they are seen as most likely to suffer a loss. These individuals are given a SR22 certificate as a proof of their coverage.

There is, however, a way that high-risk drivers can get coverage on a much lower cost. This is known as the non-standard market. The non-standard market focuses on covering drivers

There are also ways that the driver can regain his former status. If after three years their records are kept clean, their status will be elevated again to the normal, low-risk category.


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