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People with disability are treated with utmost care in our society. It is common in every state law that disabled persons get priority and special treatment wherever they go. This is not done to discriminate them but rather to make them feel that having disability should not be seen as a disadvantage all the time.

For the purposes of this article, let us focus or center on one of the many disabilities that hamper people from living a normal life- whatever your take on normal life may be- hearing disability or hearing impairment.

Hearing Disability or Hearing Impairment refers to the full or partial decrease in the ability of an individual to detect and understand sound. It may be inborn or in some cases, developed as a result of an accident or side effect of a sickness.  But whatever the case may be, hearing-impaired individuals are entitled to benefits from the government. These benefits are the legal right of the hearing-impaired individual. Careful and thorough research needs to be done in order to get the full coverage of the benefits they deserve. These benefits are available through Social Security Administration (SSA) either through Social Security Disability (SSD) or Social Security Insurance (SSI) programs.

The benefits that a hearing-impaired individual gets depend on the degree of his or her hearing impairment (full or partial) and ability to keep working or find employment.  The SSA determines if your capability in terms of what kind of work will be suitable for you. Those who have sufficient earnings recorded may qualify for SSD benefits. But those who were born deaf and do not have earnings recorded may be eligible for SSI but it is still subject to household income limitations. There are also law firms that specialize in this kind of cases. It is actually advisable to get legal counsel or assistance in filing for disability benefits.

In case a hearing-impaired individual cannot afford or do not want to get legal counsel, he or she can file for an application in their local SSA office or through the SSA website. He or she must provide all necessary information about his or her medical condition with regards to their disability, if he or she is unable to work. A legal form allowing SSA to contact the doctor has to be submitted as well. In some cases, SSA asks that the petitioner undergo medical testing or evaluation to support his or her claim.

There are some cases that a petition may be rejected. It doesn’t mean that the door of getting benefits is totally closed to you. Some of the reasons why initial petitions are rejected are: Incomplete application form; claims incapacity to work or find employment is unsupported and incorrect or insufficient medical records. You can always re-file but also must make sure that your paperwork is complete this time. Take time to research and understand what the social security law is regarding disability benefits.

Filing for disability benefits is a legal right. Individuals with disability are encouraged to use this right. Contact or get in touch with your local SSA office to find out what benefits are suitable for your case.


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