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Health Care Reform, simply put, is the term given whenever major changes or creation that is put to health policy is discussed. In this case, government policies that have tremendous effects on health care delivery in a given time and place. Health Care Reform generally challenges to improve health care specialist’s access as well as the quality of health care. It also works to increase the selection of health care providers that people may choose from and through private and public sector insurance companies, broaden the population that may be given health care coverage—all this while also decreasing the cost of health care.

In the United States alone, fewer and fewer people have the luxury of affording health insurance and cannot afford good medical care. Almost 50 percent of Americans have no insurance and a quarter of the percentages of those who do, are underinsured. There are many reasons for this, but a very big factor is because employers have been prompted to stop offering substantial insurance or any insurance at all due to their high prices. Although many key decision makers have agreed that the system needs changing, most disagree on how to go about doing it.

Last year, the health care reform bill was passed by the House of Representatives with a 219-to-212 vote. Although in 11 states, attorney generals have said they will dispute the constitutionality of the health care bill. Furthermore, changes to the final bill are still to want to be made as by the Democrats. A package of fixes has already been passed by the House which is said to rein in some of the special deals made last year with the senators. But before President Obama can sign them into law the Senate must go through the contentious and time consuming process of reconciliation in order to pass the same package.

The healthcare reform bill would entail more and more people in the US to buy insurance. It would also help some of them pay for it as well, with subsidies for lower and also for middle income families and individuals.

Although change like this does not come inexpensively. More so, change like this, according to the Congressional Budget Office, would cost about $940 billion over its first 10 years.

Putting these two things together and adding in about $40 billion worth of tax credits for small business – that brings us very close to the bill’s top line for expansion of health coverage.

So what’s the catch? The money will be provided by new taxes. Keep in mind, according to CBO, the bill will actually cut the shortage over 10 years. Meaning, it has to elevate a little more money than it will spend. This is also done by putting cuts in projected spending growth for existing government health efforts, primarily Medicare, and fees on industries involved in health care.


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