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Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance provides comprehensive insurance coverage for the individual who has a pre-existing medical condition and is not eligible to get the standard medical insurance coverage. If you are suffering from heart disease, AIDS, diabetes or cancer, then Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy is worth looking into. A person can enroll in a Guaranteed Issue Health Plan regardless of age or gender.

According to the guidelines of Guaranteed Issue Health, a health insurance provider must provide coverage for anyone who applies for a policy. Health insurance providers cannot reject anyone who applies just because he or she is in poor health condition.

Having Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance can help minimize the number of American individuals who do not have or qualify for standard medical insurance. In fact, some states already require health insurance providers to provide guaranteed issue policies. By year 2014, Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance will be a nationwide law. This law aims to provide coverage for all Americans especially those who have pre-existing medical conditions.

We’ve established that Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance is beneficial for those who are in poor health condition and cannot get standard health insurance. Having Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance will therefore improve that person’s medical condition.

There is an initial waiting period for Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy wherein pre-existing conditions are covered. The minimum waiting period is six months and maximum is one year.

Employees who get their health insurance from their employers are assured that they will not be rejected when obtaining a health insurance policy regardless of their health conditions. Some Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policies require that one should be employed to be eligible. But some providers waive this qualification.

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance policy covers many aspects of medical attention including doctor’s visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, surgeries, blood tests, x-rays, check-up and emergency room.

Since Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance covers pre-existing conditions, people automatically assume that it costs much to be covered. But just like any other health insurance policies, the premium you pay depends on how extensive your coverage is and the deductible that you choose.

There’s nothing more important than protecting one’s health. It is essential for people to have health insurance coverage while they are still healthy.



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