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We hear the term “green” more often nowadays.  This is because the world we live in has been so much affected by the way we use our resources. People are now more conscious of how we should be taking care of the earth that we dwell in, and making sure we take the right steps into achieving it.

Cars are so much a part of our daily routine.  Let’s admit it, the reason for most of the fumes in our atmosphere are probably due to the millions of cars on the road each day.  Because of this, companies are also trying to do their fair share in keeping the world a greener place; thus, the concept of environmentally friendly vehicles.  Green vehicles are defined as motor vehicle that produces less harmful impacts to the environment than comparable combustion engines running on diesel or gasoline.  Among the green vehicles are hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, hydrogen and fuel-celled vehicles, natural gas vehicles, to name a few.

Recent studies have shown that buyers are now having interest in purchasing green cars.  This is not only to be able to help save the environment by lessening carbon emissions, but also to help their own wallets in spending for gasoline.  How do you ensure green cars then, and is there such a thing as “green car insurance?”

Luckily, yes, there is such a thing as green car insurance.  It is actually a “method of providing discounts for people who drive low emission cars.”  Green car insurance was based on the principle of the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Rewards are given to eco-friendly customers, by giving them discounted insurance premiums.  Other green insurance companies even give a portion of the policy for programs which support carbon emission offsetting, tree planting, and recycling.  These companies also advocate using recycled parts of vehicles, as well as recycling cars in case of total wreckage.

An interesting thing about green car insurance is that you get to pay for coverage based on the mileage that you incur.  In this way, they can actually encourage their clients to reduce each year, the number of miles that s/he drives per year.  In addition, the policy for green cars is relatively low.  Research has shown that the drivers of these vehicles have a lower risk in being in an accident, being that they are inherently concerned about the environment.  And we all know how insurance works: low risk-driving means lower premiums as well.

We can say that the number of green insurance providers is steadily increasing.  However, advertising for this kind of insurance is probably not as out-there as compared to standard insurance.  But it’s also promising that green trends are slowly rising.  More people are curious as to what green cars can do.  Perhaps if people are given adequate information about what green cars are, its advantages to the environment, and the benefits that insuring it will likewise give you and the environment as well, they will be more interested in buying one and insuring it as well.



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