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Full Comprehensive is considered to be the most expensive and valuable type or car insurance. This is because it’s the type features the most and has the widest range of cover.

This policy also covers everything a Third Party, Fire and Theft policy may cover and more. It brings the reassuring sentiment that you are getting above average insurance protection. Even if companies may be different in the amount or sum of coverage that they provide under this policy, most are structured the same. Here are some of the general coverage that you should expect to receive with fully comprehensive car insurance.

Damage to your vehicle

You can be rest assured that any damage that’s is caused to your car no matter whose at fault or no matter what damage. Since you are getting the full comprehensive car insurance, the insurer will generally compensate you for the full amount of damage to your vehicle.

Damage to other vehicles

Even if you are “at fault” in an accident, fully comprehensive policies ensures that if you get into an accident with another vehicle and cause damage to it and its driver, your comprehensive policy will take care of the cost, leaving you no trouble of worrying of paying out of your own pocket.

Stolen vehicles

Not all policies guarantee reimbursement in the unlikely event that your car gets stolen. Full comprehensive policy covers you and reimburses your car in cases like this.

Weather damage

Another type of damage to think about is damage caused by the changing weather. Weather damage such as those brought by: hurricanes, floods, hail, storms, tornadoes, and more will all be covered under a comprehensive car insurance policy. This is the type of cover that you should get if you want to have your vehicle insured for any possible weather damages.

Animal Damage

Another damage that most people don’t really think about is one caused by animals, especially if you live in areas near habitat places of such animals. Imagine hitting a deer on a rainy freeway, a lot of people get damages to their vehicle by animals. This comprehensive policy will insure that you are covered and your bills not to be worried.


In a case where in your car gets in a fire, comprehensive insurance will reimburse you for the damages. Most insurance will reimburse you for the “blue-book” value of your car should your car be unrecognizable after being incinerated in a fire.

Acts of God

Any natural event that is not caused by human are considered as “Act of God”. Although companies differ how they define this, most agree that natural occurrences beyond human influence or control can be considered this. If you want to be covered for damages due to “Acts of God”, then this is the policy for you.


Another thing to think about is having your car damaged by malicious people with the intent of either steeling your car or just plain inflicting damage to it such as slashing your tires or smashing your windshield or even spray painting it. It is good to have insurance for something like this.


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