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How to File A Health Insurance Claim

When going to your medical provider, there are times when they do not submit the health insurance papers to the company.  You may be the one to shell out a sum of money to foot the bill, and then file an insurance claim to recover the cost.  It’s important that you know exactly how to file that claim, and here’s how.

  1. Verify with your medical practitioner if your health insurance is valid in their clinic or center.  If so, then proceed with any treatment or service that you will need.  If not, it is best to find a doctor or a health care provider who is accredited by your insurance.  That way, you can be assured that your claim would not be denied by your insurance company.
  2. Get itemized receipts.  Make sure that you ask your doctor for an itemized bill, wherein the service that you had acquired is listed against the corresponding cost.  This way, the insurance company will have a detailed accounting of the services based on the receipt.  The original receipt will be attached to the claim form.
  3. Acquire a claim form from the company, or download it from the website.  If you have questions regarding the form and the fields you will have to fill out, do not hesitate to call customer service for assistance.  Also make sure that you have the right form for your claim.
  4. Check for accuracy.  Go over all the information that you had indicated in your claim form, and ensure that the right paperwork is attached as necessary.  Double-checking will go a long way, so that your forms will not be going back and forth for any missing information.  Give the customer service a call to also make sure that you have everything you need for your submissions.
  5. Make copies.  Photocopy not only the receipt but also the claim form that you have submitted.  Once you have accomplished this, make sure to send the claim form to the insurance company. Have the photocopy received if you had personally delivered the file.
  6. Mark the date on your calendar.  Ask your agent when you can expect the check to be available.  Mark this down on your planner.  Should there be any delays, do not hesitate to call the company and inquire as to why there was a delay.


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