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Disability insurance is a plan that utilizes money from the Social Security fund to protect the income of an employee who becomes disabled or injured and as a result, is unable to continue working. Disability insurance compensates individuals based on the income they earned prior to the disability/injury. Aside from the national disability program that is in place, there are some employers and unions that grant additional worker’s compensation benefits. This benefit is usually given as the result of a temporary injury that is the result of an accident or incident that happened while the employee was on the job.

In addition, these monetary benefits may be extended for a period of time, for certain cases. Examples would be if the disabled person has a spouse who is over 62 years of age, a spouse that is taking care of a child below 16 years of age or has a child that is disabled. Moreover, if a person has been receiving disability insurance for 2 years, they are automatically qualified for Medicare coverage.

If you or a family member has been injured or temporarily disabled, you at least have some money coming in through disability insurance while you cannot work. The following are the steps you must take in order to claim your disability benefits:

  1. Obtain a Disability Form from your state’s Department of Labor. You should be able to print this document out right from their website.
  2. Fill up the portion of the form that applies to you. There will be information you will need to provide that needs to be corroborated by your doctor since he has your medical records. Some of the information that will be required from you are:
    1. The dates you were hospitalized and/or
    2. Treatments you have received from your doctor
    3. Any specialists you may have seen for your medical condition
  3. Have your doctor fill up the portion of the form that applies to him. This part of the form will have to include your diagnosis and will have to be filled in by your licensed physician. Failure on his part to give a clear and specific diagnosis may result in a denial of your claim.
  4. Gather more supporting documents to go with your disability form. Relevant information should be included in your form since it will be helpful in supporting your disability claim. This could be hospitalization details, or treatment you underwent through a specialist.
  5. Have your employer fill up the portion of the disability form that applies to them. This is needed so that the disability department will know how much to compensate you for. Keep in mind that disability has a cap on the amount that they pay, so it would be best to expect to get less than what you usually earn. It is likely that you will only get a portion of it.
  6. Submit your filled-in disability form to the Department of Labor Temporary Disability Department. There will be a waiting period as the disability department processes your claim. In some cases, the disability form is sent back to the claimant due to a problem with the information. This will come with precise instructions as to what is still needed. Once you have complied with the additional instructions, send the form back. Hopefully your disability check will soon be in the mail for you.

The Social Services Administration has a printable checklist ( for the information you will need to gather in order to complete the Internet Disability Benefits Application and the Disability Report.

You can apply for your disability benefits right away, without the need to wait for an appointment. Click here to apply for disability benefits online



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