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Like with most things many people feel that having your own business or being self employed has numerous upsides that outweigh its downsides.  Being self employed has its own drawbacks but has its own benefits as well. One of the major issues of being self employed is the decision of getting yourself insurance or not. A good example of this is getting dental care. We all know that dental care is important to us no matter what our jobs may be. If you are operating a small business however deciding on this can get a little tricky, especially if you are considering only having yourself insured which some people still feel is quite expensive. Although dental care may be costly, consider these following points before you make your decision to insure or to seek for other options.

Dental insurance is a very important thing to carry, even if it is not as mandatory as health insurance. It is always comforting to know that you are covered from any dental situations that you may find yourself in. Dental insurance coverage for self employed people is often to a great extent cheaper than full health insurance coverage.

If you however, are planning to have braces in the future then it would be wise to shop around for insurance providers who offer great coverage for something like this. Be sure to inquire about everything like the type of braces, for example, as every provider offers different policies and different rates for different types of braces.

If you are the type of person who smokes and drinks a lot (beer and yes, even coffee) then getting a dental insurance would be a wise investment for you.

Also be aware that in buying an insurance of any kind, these insurance companies often do not pay for existing conditions. Such as if buying an auto insurance, they will first need to check if there already are existing dents and damages on your car prior to your insurance and your insurance provider will not pay for those. This is the same with your existing dental condition. Sometimes if would be wiser to just buy what we call discount dental plan, instead of insurance.

These types of plans are similar to insurance although discount dental plans are not really insurance at all. For many self employed individuals, this works better because they don’t really have to pay the costly premiums but they also still save a considerable amount of money, in the event they need to visit the dentist for whatever reason.

Discount dental plans provide big discounts from costs that you would normally have to pay at a participating dentist. These discounts could range from a simple 10% off to as much as 80% even for major dental care.

Of course, every individual has their own needs and should look into different options before buying either dental insurance plans or settling for discount dental plans. If you have a good dental record then paying cash and buying discounts would be a better way to go to save money but if you have a family that you would like to have as extensions to your plans then that would be a totally different situation and having a very different dental insurance might be the better choice for you.


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