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The health care system is one of the most debated issues nowadays. It is sad to know that millions of individuals have no health care insurance at all. For some reason, these individuals have found loopholes and problems in the current health care system that it turned them off completely.

The major issue would be how much it costs to be insured. It is a known fact that even with health insurance, an average person still spends thousands of dollars for health purposes.  Being employed doesn’t guarantee an individual that he or she is fully covered in terms of health care. Most employers pay less or just the minimum for their employees’ insurance coverage and transfer most of the insurance cost to their employees. This, of course, is not helpful for the employees since most of them cannot afford to pay for health care on their own.

Health insurance companies also have their set of doctors that you can only go to. If you have your own doctor and he or she is not an accredited doctor of the insurance company, you will have to pay for his professional fee and other fees that you may incur while under his care.

Most Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) have limited or minimum coverage per individual. They mostly cover the basic procedures and check-up. The HMO insurance policy also limits the policyholder’s coverage for prescription medication to save the insurance company money. It is ironic because Pharmaceutical companies are developing treatment medicines that costs so much, making the consumers to pay more.

Hospitalization is also getting a little pricey as well. With minimum health insurance coverage, people seldom get the best care and treatment putting their lives in jeopardy. The issue of accredited doctor or medical practitioner is also part of this. If the specialist looking after you is not accredited by your insurance provider, you will have to shoulder the doctor’s fee.

Most health care insurance providers do not cover certain treatment and rehabilitation programs. You have to get an additional coverage that costs a lot and most individuals couldn’t afford this.

So, how much does health care insurance really cost? The answer lies in how much an individual can pay for it. It is sad to realize that it takes so much money (and effort) just to preserve one’s life. And it is even sadder to realize that the government can do so little to help its citizens to combat this pressing problem.


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