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Nowadays, everybody’s looking to cut down on expenses, and paying for insurance does not escape this list.  If you’re looking for ways on how to cut down costs for your auto insurance policy, then this is for you.


Collect as much quotations as you can and then start comparing.  Some would go to as little as 3 to as much as 7 quotations from different companies.

Never assume that the “basic” insurance costs less than the comprehensive ones.  Have your agent quote both for you and then decide on which policy you would want to purchase.  Always remember to compare each thoroughly as some would appear cheaper than others.  Sum up the extra costs and then compare, as comprehensive ones may be a lot cheaper in the long run.


Word of mouth is probably the best tip that you can ever have.  Ask your friends and relatives which insurance company they are with.  It’s important that you also choose a reliable company from which to purchase insurance from.


Deductibles, by definition, are the money you will need to shell out before your insurance pays for the rest of the damages.  The higher deductible you can afford to pay, the better.  It lowers the insurance premium that you have to pay for.

Type of Car

The make of the car, its engine, value, and age are all considerations for the insurance company.  When choosing to buy a car, make sure that you choose competitively in terms of how much the maintenance of that car will cost you, it’s overall safety record, and even record of theft. Remember to forego coverage for older cars because you may be paying much more than what your old car is really worth.

Low profile cars also make the best choice for insurance companies.  It’s definitely more expensive to insure a new model car, one with a profile that is known for theft, or a car which graded zero in safety.

Avoid Repetition

Check your other insurance policies.  There’s no need for you to be paying so much for medical coverage in your auto insurance if you have a good provider for your medical needs.  You may opt to pay for personal injury coverage in your insurance policy instead.

Safety features for your car

Did you know that having safety features in your car, such as airbags, seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, and even an anti-theft system can qualify you for a discount in your policy?  Check with your agent.

Securing your teens along with your insurance

Opt to include your teens who are already driving in your own policy.  Since it’s more expensive to insure them under their own policy given their age and their considerable experience in driving, it’s best to ask if you can include them under your own policy.


Discounts apply to drivers who are over 40 to 50 years old.  Ask about this and see what policies apply.


Try to see what the insurance company offers in terms of policies other than the ones for your car.  Getting life, medical, and property insurance from one provider may make more sense since you’re getting all-around protection — and better deals may present themselves this way.


Make sure you get quotations on a yearly basis.  You may like the service that your insurance company is providing for this particular year.  However, it may not always be true that the same insurance company’s quotation for the following year may be the best applicable policy for you.  As in the first tip, always remember to collect your options, then select from there.

Check Online Insurance companies

It may seem pretty risky trusting what you see online all the time.  However, the internet is also a good source for you to hunt for good deals.  Some may offer cheaper policies since there is actually no overhead cost if you are going to put up a website for your company.  The savings here are now translated to less than 10% of the cost of your own insurance policy.

The bottom line about these tips is: ASK.  Never be afraid to inquire about existing promos, discounts, and better deals. You are, after all, the customer, so never hesitate to ask for information that could help you make better choices.


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