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Cosmetic surgery is so much of a trend nowadays.  Vanity has pushed people to the limits and cosmetic surgery has been the gateway to enhance, or even change, these unwanted or unflattering things in our own bodies.

The cost of cosmetic surgery is not one for the weak. You will need to have a substantial amount of money to have these procedures done, because as of 2007, the cost has even become more expensive.

One ongoing debate is whether insurance companies should cover cosmetic surgery or not.  The answer is of course, no.  Typically, medical insurance does not cover aesthetic procedures done by a client.  The argument given by insurance firms is that these procedures are not necessary for patients to undergo, and is merely for beautifying themselves.  There is no real medical reason behind it but to appease vanity.  However, reconstructive surgery is another thing.  Say for example, when breast reduction is done to alleviate a patient’s orthopedic pain, is considered eligible for coverage.  The same thing is true for someone who has droopy eyelids and needs an eyelift to see better, or someone who may need a rhinoplasty to correct nasal deformities.

So how do people cope with these costs, should they really want to go under the knife?

Medical Tourism is becoming more popular nowadays.  Medical Tourism refers to the term loosely coined by travel agencies to describe the current practice of people traveling to other destinations to get sufficient health care needs at a more affordable price. Cosmetic Surgery is one of the things that is sought after in medical tourism, mainly because the trip’s expense plus the procedure itself will still turn out to be a lot cheaper when done outside the United States.  However, one should take extra care in availing medical tourism, as not all laws in other countries protect visiting foreigners as well.

Are you getting more work done in the future?  It’s best to partner with your cosmetic surgeon if you are planning to undergo more procedures.  Perhaps a series of Botox injections can cost you less than having only one or two; or a series of surgeries to enhance your body such as liposuction, a tummy tuck, can also be packaged as one.

There are also practitioners who will let you finance the cost of surgery.  Fortunately, some banks now even allow loans in order for you to have the funds you need for your cosmetic surgery procedures.

Fact is, insurance companies will always go back to the need of the matter: are the procedures for purposes that are necessary, or did you just decide to undergo that procedure for aesthetic purposes?  It’s always best to read the fine print before you start making decisions.



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