Sometimes maintaining that beautiful smile requires more than those regular dentist check ups. If you are one of those individuals who feel that regular cleaning and dentist visits just don’t cut it, then maybe a cosmetic dentist treatment is just what you need for that smile makeover that you’ve been longing for.

Though many believe cosmetic dentistry costs to be way too expensive–and they’re probably right, it’s a good idea to know first the real factors behind why these costs may seem to skyrocket. And know your options before going through such a meticulous and difficult procedure.

A number of factors directly influence the price ranges of cosmetic dentistry and these are:

  • The level of experience and qualifications that the dentist who is carrying out the work has. Patients must understand that these types of surgery require experience that a dentist would get upon undergoing proper training which in itself is also expensive. This also requires the dentist to be away from practice in a considerable amount of time. It is only fair to assume that a dentist who specializes in cosmetics would more than likely charge his/her patients accordingly so as to cope with his/her expenses. Always question the cosmetic dentistry expertise of your dentist. Remember that just because a dentist charges above average fees doesn’t mean that they are already experienced.
  • The materials used in the procedure- always remember that the quality of these materials that they will use on your procedure will greatly affect the overall cost of your treatment. For example, the branded dental implants such as Nobel Biocare or Bicon are naturally much more expensive than the than non-branded implants from other countries.
  • The amount of work and treatment that is required also greatly affects the total costs of your treatment. Procedures such as this often take more than a few hours some even more than a day.
  • The clinic where your treatment will be carried out as some clinics have very high standards and have above average facilities, to which they will also charge should you need to use any of their specialized tools and machineries.

Patients must understand that sometimes you will need to sit down with your doctor and assess the procedures you will undergo before they can give you a proper breakdown of what your costs will be. Be smart and know the track record of your dentist before committing to anything. It will also be wise to check with as many credible dentists in your area before finally deciding where to put your trust in.


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