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To many, owning a car or two these days is one of the many benefits of working off their days and nights tirelessly. The freedom from not having to endure the long commutes and hassles of relying on public transportations are just some of the benefits of owning a ride. But sadly, more and more people today tend to forget the responsibilities that come with owning and driving their vehicles. One of which is securing a credible, viable auto insurance.

Driving without insurance is a serious offense that poses significant consequences.  In addition to being liable for damages caused by an accident, you can also be ticketed, fined, lose your driver’s license and, in some states, your car can be impounded.

The penalty for driving without insurance varies from state to state but many courts have harsh penalties violating this law. If you were found at-fault in an accident then the penalties usually even become greater, including compensation for the damages the other party sustained.

If you get into an accident and don’t have car insurance, you can be sued for the damages caused. If the damages are significant, you could face having to pay huge fines, asset seizure and may even have to declare bankruptcy. However, if the accident took place while you were drunk or under the influence of drugs, declaring bankruptcy won’t help you because these judgments cannot be discharged by a bankruptcy court.

Another risk is losing your driver’s license and even having your license plates suspended. Although these penalties vary from state to state, you would normally need to pay a fine and prove that you have insurance in order t o get your license and license plate back.

Driving without insurance may also cause lead to having your vehicle impounded. Some cities such as Texas, are known to do this. You would usually have to pay considerable fees and produce proof of insurance to get your vehicle back, not to mention having to pay the extra fees for impounding your car which normally charges you for everyday your car is impounded.

Serious traffic violation is considered to be a criminal violation in some states as well. In cases where DUI leads to a fatality or even reckless driving, in a few states can be considered a criminal offense. So if you get involved in a more serious violation and you do not have insurance, it could be considered a criminal offense. Criminal offenses usually acquire more severe penalties with these violations staying on your criminal record permanently.

If you drive without insurance not only will you be cited and penalized according to your state laws for driving without financial responsibility but when you try to reinstate your lapsed coverage or get hold of an auto insurance policy on your vehicle you may find it difficult to do so. Insurance companies consider a person that has previously let their insurance lapse and especially those that have their insurance cancelled for non-payment to be too risky to have as policyholders since they have a history of not paying for their insurance.

So remember that it is always wise to be ready for that we have no control off. Don’t let the troubles of not being ensured hassle you and find it a priority and a responsibility to insure, being “the good drivers” that we all “think we are” and should be.


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