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Health care Insurance per se does not normally include wellness programs in their policies. Health care insurance is basically used for emergency purposes, doctor’s visits and prescriptions. But you, as an employee, can still enjoy wellness programs through your company.

Companies nowadays are investing in wellness programs that cater to their employees. If employees engage in the company’s wellness program then they will be able to cut down on insurance costs because there would be lesser trips to the doctor’s office or emergency rooms because of illnesses. Having to pay less money on health care insurance is one of the factors that make this kind of programs successful.

One might think, what is in it for the company that they will sponsor wellness programs since it is an additional expense for the company? Yes, it is an additional expense on the company but if all their employees will engage in the wellness program there will be a significant change in the employee’s attitude that will merit better work productivity. The employers believe that healthier employees have a happy disposition towards their everyday work and better relationships with their co-employees.

The company who initiates wellness programs recognizes that the well being of an employee is fundamental in the company’s overall achievement. Employers are hoping that this will bring a positive life change to their employees.

Another reason why employers think that it is a good idea to promote wellness in the office is because of the high costs of health insurance premiums. If the employees have better health, then there would be lesser need for high insurance premiums since there will be less insurance claims. The employee’s life expectancy will also improve. This will mean more years in the work force and more years of earning money.

It also promotes high morale for the employees. Let’s face it, exercising or engaging in physical wellness activities can make you feel better on the outside as well as inside. And feeling better about yourself will definitely boost your self-esteem. With this newfound confidence comes better job performance.

An obvious result that can come from this is less absenteeism in work or less sick leaves. Daily workout regimes or exercise will definitely improve your health and thus you will not have to worry about getting sick always. And this will also reflect on the company’s overall work productivity. Again, an advantage for the company.

Of course, the wellness programs that companies sponsor vary from one another. There is no template to follow. Each company looks into what their employees need. They just can’t send them to the gym to workout or do yoga or any other exercise. A process should be followed in order to achieve good if not the best result.

Most of the employers would require their employees to undergo doctor’s screening before engaging in any wellness programs. This will tell the wellness coach information about the employee’s general health; how much they can tolerate in terms of exercise regime. They can even recommend which type of exercise will best suit them. Remember not everyone can do yoga or can tolerate working out in a gym for an hour or two a day.

Some companies even offer nutrition coaching to aid the employee to eat better. It’s a known fact that exercise should always be coupled with good eating habits for it to totally work for you.

If you are a smoker but want to stop, wellness programs also offer smoking cessation programs.

The company initiates incentive programs for those who participate in the wellness programs. They either give out monetary incentives or spa gift certificate or other fitness facilities.

Company-sponsored wellness programs are not compulsory but highly recommended. Just think of it as an additional benefit and investment at the same time. It is a benefit since the company will be sponsoring you. An investment for you to have better health.


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