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I don’t think that anything can be called cheap in this day and age.  I believe that perhaps the better term for cheap may be summed up in a couple of words: wise spending, affordability, value-for-money.

Car insurance is something that’s mandated by law.  We really cannot do anything but comply to this expense.  Although it is one thing that we do not readily see the direct benefit of, unless otherwise involved in an accident, it’s something that gives us that peace of mind when we are on the road.  Even with its apparent benefits, for most consumers, insurance really is such an annoying expense to maintain.  But, let’s face it.  There’s really no cheap insurance.  But, there is probably something out there that costs less than what you have now.  How do we make sure that we pay as little as possible for the coverage that we truly need?

Shop, shop, shop! The ladies would probably go crazy with this command.  The principle is really much the same with insurance.  Get your computer, and start searching!  It is true that car insurance companies charge different rates, and there really is no standard for these things.  So it is best to compare quotations before you sign up with one.

Parents’ and Teen’s Policy. Enlist your teen’s insurance policy under your own name.  Teen drivers are the highest-risk age bracket in the insurance business, but that does not mean that you will not be able to drive the cost down.  Tell your teens that they should maintain good grades, take driving courses, and avoid driving high-risk sport cars.

Choose the “right” vehicle. Insurance costs are often tied up with the make, model, and security and safety features of your car.  In general, these principles apply: The less expensive your car, the safer it is to ride, and the less accident prone the model is, the less expensive your insurance will cost.  The older your car, and the lesser the repair cost, and the less theft-prone your car is, the less expensive your insurance will cost as well.

Weigh coverage options. It doesn’t mean that since comprehensive coverage is the best, you would opt to have all your cars insured this way.  You would have to select the appropriate coverage for the needs of your car as well.  If your car is relatively used, perhaps you may want to consider taking out the collision and comprehensive coverage on your policy.  This is because the cost of your coverage may be more than the used car is really worth.  Likewise, make sure that you take into consideration the impacts of possible accidents.  If you can afford to pay liability insurance at the very least, then go for it.  You never know when you will be able to need it.

Choose a higher deductible. Deductible is the term used for the cash that you are willing to shell out if in case you get into an accident.  Increasing your deductible may lower your insurance cost.  However, make sure that the amount you will be stating in the policy will be something that you can really forego when that unfortunate circumstance comes.

Make reasonable claims. Not all costs associated with your car should be claimed from the insurance.  Weigh your decisions regarding your claims.  If the cost is something that is unnecessary, then don’t submit the claim.  Doing so may increase your rates for the year.

Choose the company to partner with. Nothing compares to a company who gives you excellent customer service that you need.  More than the cost of the insurance itself, I think it’s important to acquire the policy from a trusted name.


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