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Comparing Life Insurance Rates

Why do the same things cost differently. Let’s say you want to get a massage, Swedish. So, you go out and scout for the best place to get one. What you discover while going around is that the same massage costs much more than in some spa. You tend to question why since you will be getting the same ...

What Determines My Life Insurance Rates?

This is a question most people ask when considering purchasing a life insurance policy. Many wonder how companies arrive at their quotes, or even why quotes vary from one insurance provider to another. As uncomfortable as it may be for some to answer rather personal questions, insurance companies ...

Online Life Insurance Quotes

The emergence of technological advances such as the Internet and cellular communication has impacted greatly the way people correspond. Everything and everyone is usually within reach of a cell phone or computer. This is advantageous to millions of people – friends and families who are kept apart by ...

Does my credit rating determine my insurance quotes?

It’s common knowledge that your credit score determines your ability to land a job, acquire a credit card with a decent annual percentage rate, finance a new home or car, or even successfully get a loan from a bank. But only recently is it coming to light that it also determines how high or low your ...


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