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Historically, women did not take out life insurance policies. Man was expected to be the breadwinner and ensuring protection for his family was mainly his responsibility. Furthermore, the way men and women view, and consequently, spend money contrast greatly. So it comes as no surprise that according to the Life and Health Foundation for Education (LIFE) a majority of women have little to no life insurance.

Additionally, studies have shown that the coverage amount for insured women lags behind those of insured men. In 1998, the average death benefit on men is nearly double than that for women: $143,000 versus $76,000. (“Trends in Life Insurance Ownership Among Americans,” LIMRA International, 1999.)

Regardless of your age, financial or domestic status, you will need life insurance. Here’s why:

For the Married Working Mom

The income of many women makes up for a substantial piece of the pie in households today. You and your husband share the load on all the financial aspects of your family’s life. Your absence will likely put a strain on him in the long run in the event of your passing. Ask yourself these questions: Will your children still be able to achieve their educational goals without your income? Will your family still be able to live in the same house? Are you sure they will be adequately provided for with just one parent striving to make ends meet?

For the Single Mom

Industry studies show that despite having major financial responsibilities, you are more likely to have little to no life insurance. In fact, only 4% of all policies purchased in 1997 were by divorced or widowed women. (“The Women’s Market: Myth & Reality,” LIMRA International, 1999)

As the sole guardian and provider, you need coverage more. In the event your child loses you, who will provide for his needs?

For the Stay-at-Home Mom

The stay-at-home mom who feels it isn’t necessary to have a life insurance policy simply because she doesn’t contribute financially, does in fact need it. The services you render, no matter how undervalued it may seem, are valuable – consider how much your family will be spending for childcare if you weren’t able to take care of them yourself. Your husband will have to hire someone to take over the duties you normally perform.

For the Single Woman

Being single doesn’t necessarily mean you have no obligations. Your life insurance policy could ensure that funeral expenses or unpaid debts will be covered and will not be passed on to your surviving family and loved ones. If you do eventually get married, your life insurance will protect your future husband and children. Your life insurance can also be used to help provide a secure retirement for yourself by accumulating cash value.


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