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To most people, having health insurance is a luxury that not everyone could afford. But none of us really ever understand the importance of having one until we really need it.

Like auto insurance and home insurance, having health insurance is extremely important to protect against huge medical expenses when you are ill. In our present day, quality of health care has immensely improved because of the advancements in medical treatments. However, it has also resulted in increase in cost of medical care. Nowadays, people acknowledge the fact that health insurance premium has gone up so much more compared to increase in salary of workers.

But what does it really mean to have health insurance? What benefits do we gain from it and why should we be concerned about getting one?

Having peace of mind

Having Health insurance provides peace of mind. We never really know when an accident might happen or when an illness may strike. If you or another member of the family gets injured or becomes ill and you are not insured, it may be difficult to get health coverage that may still be affordable later. Having to carry the financial burden of something as major as an accident or illness can be very overwhelming.

Having health care insurance means that your plan takes care of some of your medical costs. And you also will be encouraged to look into preventive care that can help you avoid an illness and saves you money that you may have had to spend on treating the illness.

Saves you money in the long run

We all know that health insurance does cost a considerable amount of money. But what we don’t really think about is how much more money it will cost us if we get sick and we don’t have one. Nowadays, it is far easier to get sick than it was a decade ago. Our current lifestyles and even the ever changing eco system are just some of the factors that we have to consider in thinking about our health. Higher health care costs together with the very unpredictable medical needs could leave you with very costly medical bills if you are not insured. Having health care coverage will cut the chances that you will have to use up your life’s savings just to pay for unexpected medical bills.


This is where the benefits of having health care insurance are always clearly seen. Health insurance benefits usually pay 80 to 90 percent of the costs after deductible has been reached. Also there is usually an annual limit out-of-pocket amount of several thousand dollars. Once that mark has been reached, the insurance pays the costs.

Prescription Drugs

Another way of seeing and actually feeling the benefits of health care is by the costs of money you save on prescription drugs. Together with our ever growing technologies to find more cures and ways to cope with more and more ailments, demands for prescription drugs also continues to sky rocket. Thus, these drugs continue to be more and more expensive especially with some that does not have generic ones. Having prescription drug coverage can dramatically reduce your spending in paying for these medications, usually with no deductible required.

As the cost of medical bills nowadays continue to rise, so does our chances of having to pay considerable amounts of money just to acquire the proper medications should you or any member of your family gets sick or gets into an accident. Prepare yourself and don’t take chances. Because we never really know just when we would need such a wise investment that health insurance can give.


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