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When the phone rings or when somebody approaches you at random carrying brochures and what-have-you, you immediately get your defenses up because you think- oh it’s just another auto/health/property insurance agent.  More often than not, we see these people as part of the daily nuisance, asking us, the consumers, to spend more money on things that are ‘not worth paying for.’  Did we ever really stop to consider what benefits we can get from it? Say for example, we use our cars every single day on the way to work, to bring the kids to school, to do errands- but have we ever thought about how insuring that same car can impact the way we live?

Let’s face it.  Auto insurance is an expense that drivers would rather not pay.  Given the difficulty of even stretching your budget to fit your family’s expenses, one may think that maybe the insurance could go, it’s really not that important.  But, on the contrary, it really has its benefits.

On the broader scope of things, auto insurance benefits the citizens of the state. In essence, your insurance represents you during an accident.  Imagine if no one availed of insurance, courts will be piled with litigations for each event that had damage done to property, and bodily injuries, to name a couple.  If that happens then the state would now have to raise the people’s taxes to cover the rising cost for these litigations.  We wouldn’t want more taxes, would we?

On a more specific level, insurance, of course, benefits the driver.  As previously mentioned, the insurance will represent you in court for damages incurred during an accident.  They will be responsible for covering the legal costs, property damages, and the medical expenses if the driver is at fault.  More so, the insurance does not just cover the driver, but any guest who is driving the insured car as well.  Your family or any passenger of the vehicle is also covered for any medical costs, regardless of who is at fault.  Insurance also provides protection against damage caused by hail, fallen trees, vandalism, theft, or any force of nature that is beyond our control.  Drivers often mistake that they can pay for damages using money from their own pockets.  But, the reality is- you cannot afford the costs that insurance is paying for.  They provide coverage for damage done to the vehicle, and even personal property inside the vehicle at the time of the accident.  And, should your car be in the repair shop, they very well can reimburse the cost for your car rental, too.  Did I mention that the repairs in that shop will be covered as well?  You don’t even need to lift a finger to get your wrecked car fixed.  They’ll do that for you, too.  Insurance knows that your car is a necessity so they make sure that your car will be ready at the soonest possible time.  Collisions and totaled cars are also counted in this list.  They can even replace that for you, given the policy that you had availed.

Perhaps the most important aspect for me in this list would be the peace of mind that having insurance brings you.  You don’t need to worry about anything anymore since they’ve got you covered.  Take it as your lifeline in cases of accidents.  Even when you’re stuck in the road in the middle of the night, you can even count on your insurance to provide you with roadside assistance when you need it the most.

So see, on average, you’d probably spend about a thousand dollars a year to insure your car.  Perhaps $80 wouldn’t be so bad to allot for insurance if it gives you this much benefits?



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