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It is a known fact that every 16-year-old teenager dreams of driving his or her own car. While kids dream of this, parents dread the coming of this day.

It is no secret that having teenage drivers around mean bigger or more expensive car insurance premium. Whether parents like or not, they are required to include their teenage son or daughter in their policy once they started driving.

Adding a teenage driver to the parents’ policy affects the insurance premium to be paid. Why is this so? It is because teenage drivers fall under the high-risk driver category. And high-risk drivers pay more on their insurance premium than the regular-type of driver.

Studies show that many vehicular accidents involve teenage drivers. Traffic and moving violations and crashes are common among these young drivers.

Teenage drivers are also adventurous, thinking that nothing can and will happen to them. Having this kind of thinking further puts them at risk and therefore makes them high-risk drivers.

Having passengers while a teenage driver is behind the wheel is also a risk. The occurrence of an accident is much greater if there are passengers inside the vehicle. Peer pressure can lead to risky driving behavior thus putting all of them at risk.

These are just some of the reasons why parents should include their teenage driver son or daughter in their policy.  They will be paying more but knowing that your child is covered when driving somehow gives them peace of mind.

Is there a way to lower down the cost of the car premium even if there’s a teenage driver?

Yes there are ways in decreasing the insurance premium rate. First make a wise car choice. Since they are new drivers, and young at that, there’s no need for a new, high-end car. Parents can actually consult with their insurance agent and find out which cars have the cheapest premium.

Make your teenage driver understand the need to drive safely. Make it known to them that having traffic violation tickets will definitely affect the insurance premium that will be required for you to pay.

It is also better to have them drive an old car rather than buy a new one. Remember newer cars are more expensive to insure. And besides, they are young and do not need to have a brand new, expensive car.

You can always shop around first before settling on an insurance provider. Compare costs and check which provider has the best insurance program that includes teenage drivers.


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